Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday 3/29/12

Happy Thursday!

Today I am thankful for...

1. My husband, Vance. I know I write about him all the time, but seriously...he is THAT amazing, and I am THAT thankful for him. He keeps on encouraging me in my weight loss (as I am him) and supporting me by being on this journey with me. I love him. Infinity and 'yond.

2. My sweet friend, Cami. She, too, is encouraging me in my weight loss journey. She emails me asking how I'm doing, sends me suggestions for exercises, keeps up with my weight loss blog, etc. While I do have Vance (and other friends on who keep me accountable) it's nice to have a girl friend who is healthy and in shape encourage me! I love her to itty bitty pieces!
3. My weight loss thus far. As of this morning around 6:45am, I have lost 12.5 lbs in less than two weeks. I'll take it! :-)

4. The kickboxing workout I just did. Whew. I haven't made it through the entire 45 minutes yet. It's kicking my butt! HOWEVER, I only made it 10 minutes last week and I made it 20 this week (I do it Thursdays when Max, the little boy I nanny for, is at preschool.) According to, during those 20 minutes, I burned around 460 calories. Sounds good to me!

5. The beautiful weather! To me, Spring is perfect! I love being warm, but not super hot. I love the flowers blooming and the grass being green. By the time Summer rolls around NC, our grass turns less green and more brown from the heat. I enjoy having to wear a sweatshirt in the morning with my yoga pants and then just a tshirt (and yoga pants) by the evening when I go home. It's lovely!

If you could take 2 seconds and give this a click, it would mean so much to me! Thank you!!