Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Are You Into Right Now? Polyvore Part 2

(Be sure to check out Part 1 of this series from Tuesday!)

As I stated in my post on Tuesday, is a spectacular site used to create fashion, art, home decor, etc. boards. I have only used it to create some clothing ensembles...that I will probably never buy/wear...but it's SO MUCH FUN! Here is my first Polyvore creation ever!

For my first creation, I challenged myself to crate an outfit that I would actually wear...from a store that I would actually go to...with prices that I would actually pay. "Autumn Green" was created using only items from Old Navy. If you click on the "Autumn Green" text, it will take you to the style board and show you prices of each item used.

My second creation had no bounds nor limits. I simply found items that are visually appealing to me as well as theme-related. I wanted an old-school vintage look while also mixing some patterns, glitz, and textures in. "Vintage Teal" has items ranging from $19 to $725. Can you guess which item is $725 without looking?

My latest creation (as of Monday around 4pm, since I'm pre-dating this post) is 100% an outfit that I would wear if I had the body for it. Currently...and throughout most of my life...I am sporting belly pudge that does not allow me to wear form-fitting sweaters without creating a tire or muffin top affect. I refuse to be that girl who doesn't dress for her body type...oh and THAT sweater is $ all that being said, I have to pass on this outfit in reality. The best part about Polyvore is that a girl can dream! ;-) '"Bow"dacious Glam' combines my love of purple with my current love affair...gray. Oh and I love patterned/colored tights! The funny thing about this outfit is that the shoes are the cheapest item in on this board! Hmmm...I'm thinking I may need to visit Wet Seal and scoop them up!

So what'd you think of my outfits? Are we style buddies or are we completely different? Have you given Polyvore a go yet? Care to follow me on Polyvore? Let me know, and I'll follow you back! I love seeing what people come up with!

If you could take 2 seconds and give this a click, it would mean so much to me! Thank you!!