Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Confession Time!

So...I have a confession to make. The other night, the hubs and I bought something for our future baby. What future baby might you ask? The one(s) we plan to have, but are NOT currently pregnant with (just an FYI to those of you who read this and know my mom.) We actually are now up to three (five) things we have for our future child(ren).
Isn't it cute??

1. Three onesies my sil, Kristina, bought me for my birthday. They're VERY girlie. They're VERY cute. One has an elephant on it. (Kristina and I both have an affection for elephants.)
2. A red rubber "ducky" elephant. We were at Wal-Mart buying a gift for our friends who recently had their baby. I saw the rubber elephants. I saw a red one. Vance was game, so we bought it. (FYI: The elephant is Alabama's mascot. Crimson is one of their colors. Vance is a Bama fan.)
3. Our most recent elephant rocking "horse."

Yup. We bought a rocking elephant for our future child(ren).

I am a closet nursery design addict. I follow blogs like Spearmintbaby and Domestic Adventure. Spearmint Baby constantly posts nursery ideas that are gender neutral, gender specific, usually vintage inspired, and almost always have a DIY spirit. I constantly drool over the potential that lie in the images of nursery decorations before me. I look forward to the day when I can refurbish a Craigslist dresser and add personal touches to MY baby's room. But for now...I buy an elephant rocker.

Now, this elephant rocker DOES play into my future nursery design ideas. I want to have an elephant "theme" in our first children's nursery. Don't get me wrong, there will only be HINTS of elephants. There won't be cute little jungle babies all over the bedding (GAG!). There will be bold colors, fun prints, and elephant accents throughout the cozy space...starting with the elephant rocker.

I peruse Craigslist often...the handy android app on my phone feeds my addiction aids me in that. The other day, I saw a listing that made my heart smile. The Kidcraft Elephant Rocker that I had been eyeing online was for sale, in basically new condition...for $25! I couldn't believe it! This thing retails for anywhere between $68 and $100. I begged asked Vance if we could get it. He kindly told me to email the lady. She responded a few hours later saying her son never really used it and that it has no rips, stains, or tears. (!!!) I was ecstatic! We met up with her husband the following evening and took the treasure off his hands.

I may not be decorating a nursery yet. I may not even be pregnant yet. However, I am now the proud owner of an elephant rocker and I couldn't be happier!